Join us November 18th-20th for the Voice of Legacy Conference.  Historically, the black voice in America has been a powerful force of good.  With a poetic analysis of the civil rights movement, we see the black voice calling a whole nation to repentance; politically, socially, and spiritually.  This was not the start of the black voice.  It has always been a strong sound in the world, its sound usually growing from grassroots movements.  What does that voice sound like today?  What is its value?  What is the power of the diversity in the black community?  And what does black Christian action look like when we find unity in our diversity?  

The answer to this is in the narrative of God and how He has uniquely used the black voice throughout history to shape culture and usher in systemic change.

Voice of Legacy will remove barriers that muffle the voice of black leaders and potential leaders, clarify the depth and strength of our diverse black community while creating urgency for black leaders to engage in leadership and christian action in response to injustice.