There is a student and nonstudent registration for VOL.  There is also a hotel and non-hotel option.  Price varies based on these factors.  All registration requires a $30 deposit.  Register now for $30 and pay your remaining balance when you arrive.

Need Scholarship Help?  

We've heard there are some who have a high need financially.  We want to help.  If this is you apply here for scholarship help and receive an offer within 24 hrs. 


Registration Deadlines

Early Registration before October 31st:

     Student:  $100(no housing)  or  $130(housing included)

     Non-Student: $100(no housing)  or $165(housing included)  

After October 30th:

     Student:  $110(no housing)  or  $140(housing included)

     Non-Student: $110(no housing)  or $175(housing included)  


If you have questions, email our Registrar Ivy Eneckwa at