The following seminars have been crafted to help you deal with common barriers to unity and to provide insight regarding Christian action from a black perspective.  Take a look and prayerfully consider which seminar would be most beneficial to your missional context.


Sexuality and Barriers | Deborah Joseph & Enslie Dorelus

Sexuality is an important part of our identity. But how we deal with sexuality, from the social conversation to the internal pressures, can be a barrier for us in ministry and in life. This seminar will be a undoubtedly touch on a wide variety of these issues and topics, and will highlight the common thread and / or principles they share.


Black Women in Leadership |  Joe Ella Darby

Both men and women were created in the image of God, but that truth is not always reflected in the life of our community.  What would it look like if we truly embraced the imago dei in women? What are the possibilities for the kingdom if we were to unleash their full leadership potential beyond the superficial?


How to Pursue TRUE Multi-Ethnicity |  Austin Channing

We all long to see a Revelation 7 church, consisting of every tribe, every nation and every tongue. Often we find it easier to exist in black or brown only spaces, or attempts at multi-ethnicity seem to fall short. But can “every tribe …” be more than just a dream or an ideal? What can we do to pursue TRUE multi-ethnicity?


Jesus and Our Diverse Black Culture |  Dr. Joseph Okello

Whether African or African-American, Afro-Hispanic or Afro-Caribbean and everything in between, what unites black people of different cultures is our shared story of adversity and the fight for freedom through that adversity. But this narrative is bigger than just black people; look closely and you will see the story of God through history running parallel. We discuss the fight for the worth of the humanity of blacks and the story of God restoring the humanity of ALL people INCLUDING black people.


Responding to Injustice Beyond Protest |  Pastor Darryl Williamson

In today’s culture’s hyper-awareness of racial injustice issues and hyper-sensitivity in race-related discussion, are the answers for Christians who are people of color only rooted in protest? Should Christians engage in protest at all? We take a look towards Jesus and discuss protest for social justice and what lies beyond.


Barriers & Challenges for Today’s Black Missionaries |   Chandra Lee & Ryan Polonio

The person conjured up in our society’s mind when thinking missionary is likely not a person of color; however, we are ALL called to the mission of reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus. This seminar will break down some of the unique barriers and challenges faced by black and brown missionaries: outreach, funding, and more to encourage and empower you as you live out your unique missional call.